The New Way

Assets Care offers Fixed Assets Management services to hotels, resorts and restaurants in identifying the Fixed Assets, Tagging, Recording and Reconciling the Assets to maintain a proper Fixed Asset Register. Assets Care derived a solution based on market experience which is successfully implanted that best fits the requirements and is also cost effective.
We have extensive knowledge and hands on experience of preparing fixed assets register for an operating hotel asset without sacrificing guest comfort, update and maintain the fixed asset register, efficiently manage preventive maintenance and tracking function.

Our software is not generic but specified as per the genuine need of market. It is built on a single software platform and delivers a comprehensive view of all asset types. Assets Care provides a holistic perspective that allows you to see all your assets, as well as identify all the untapped potential within them.

Our solution follows a well-established and proven methodology that involves the establishment of the asset register framework, labelling the assets, scanning the asset details, uploading the data electronically into the software (any ERP), and finally reconciling the asset data with financial details in accounting records.

Our proposed Fixed Asset Register is a robust, practical, inexpensive and hassle free solution that adds value to the management and housekeeping activities pertaining to your valuable fixed assets.

The benefits that will be derived from our exercise are as follows: 

→ Fixed Assets Register and Tagging List.
→ Asset Index with images of the assets.
→ Complete overview of the tagged fixed assets classified by types, groups and locations.
→ Control over the movement of assets during its life cycle.
→ Retirement/Disposal.
→ Valuation and Depreciation schedule.
→ Fixed Asset Software solution implementation.
→ Yearly Re‐validation for perpetual inventory.
→ Identification of responsibilities by departments for Good Governance.


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